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Sermon Notes For Today

Here you can insert your sermon notes to help guide your church during a worship service.


There are two main types of sermons: topical and expositional.

Topical sermons explore a biblical word or concept, like missions, giving, or prayer. 

Expositional sermons walk through biblical passages in detail, often verse by verse. They are usually part of a series on a portion of Scripture preached sequentially, such as a book or a literary unit like the Sermon on the Mount. Learn how to build your expositional sermon from start to finish in Logos.

Tips for choosing a sermon topic or passage:

  1. Pray to see if the Lord puts something specific on your heart.
  2. Scan your Bible for passages or stories that stick out to you.
  3. Reflect on what may be most relevant or needed for your hearers right now.
  4. Peruse sermon resources like the Logos Sermon Starter Guide. You can search by passage, theme, biblical person, and more, and get instant high-level overviews on each topic.

Above example from LOGOS Bible Software Blog.

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