Love, Joy, Peace...


Tyler Dawson's Knee Surgery

I tore my meniscus playing football and have surgery scheduled this Friday. Please pray for a fast recovery. -Tyler

Anita Griffin's brother

My brother had a heart attack last week. He doesn't know Jesus. Please pray that I can share the Gospel with him and his family when I visit him this weekend. -Anita

Ongoing Prayer Requests

Job For Melissa Brunson

My current job keeps changing my hours, which makes it hard to take my son to his physical therapy appointments. Please pray I find a job soon with better hours. -Melissa

John Holly's Chemotherapy

We're hoping and praying that this is the final round of chemotherapy and that the tumor will be gone for good! -John

Krista Kelly's Father

My dad's health has suddenly gone downhill and the doctors aren't sure why. Please pray that God gives his doctors wisdom to diagnose the issue so he can get treatment. -Krista

Praise Reports

Carson Menendez | New Job

I was accepted into the job training program I needed! Very excited to start learning in my new role. -Carson

Shanna Neal's Cousin

My cousin and her husband found out they're finally going to have a baby! Thank you so much for praying for them. -Shanna

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